Kick back and relax at the stylish and affordable Travelers Pod, for the hip and spend-thrifty traveler


Beyond the pod


Travelers Pod has a 24-hour coffee shop where guests could unwind, relax or chat with some friends over a cup of coffee, tea and some delectable pastries.  Did we tell you that we have free wi-fi too?

Did we mention that Pod Spa is a place of soothing sounds, invigorating aromas and relaxing touches?  It is a place where bone-weary traveler meets relaxation and luxury.


While at Cagayan de Oro, why not stop by the Kagay-anon Restaurant, a CDO landmark which offers a variety of appetizing and delectable dishes such as the exotic ostrich salpicao and the award-winning pinakbet.  Kagay-anon's pinakbet garnered Sooo Pinoy's award as the Best Pinakbet in the Philippines.


Cagayan is at the forefront of where the past meets the present.  It is a busy city bustling with developments set against a scenic sunset which transports one back in time.


While at Travelers Pod, why not try our golden herbs tea which is a lively blend of 12 different herbs to brighten your day.  



Pastel is a Spanish term for cake.  The pastel is a soft dough coffee bun whom the Spaniards have brought to the Philippines.  This made pastel a common treat on the tables of affluent Camiguingons, especially on special gatherings and occasions such as birthdays, weddings and fiestas.  Today, the Vjandeep Pastel of Camiguin has 12 varieties of fillings that you can try and take home!


Of course, no visit to CDO is complete without checking out the famous white-water rafting and zipline parks.  Check out Kagay's Rafting voyages and the Dahilayan Adventure Park.